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Manufactures truck bodies to customer order from its wide range of panel types. Bodies can be supplied either fully built or in CKD form for export and assembly by the customer. Body types available include:
          Dry freight (FRP/GRP with Plywood or Honeycomb core)
·         Refrigerated (temperature controlled) (FRP/GRP with PU or XPS core)
    Uses its own body construction system that utilizes custom made aluminum extrusions to join body panels at the corners/edges of the body.   Has developed this system over many years and it has the following advantages:
1) Appearance: Each body section (walls, floor or roof) is one panel made to exact size. This provides a very smooth and glossy surface that is completely flat and without any joints. This surface is ideal for the application of decals or advertising and provides the end user with a high-quality appearance that enhances their brand image.
2) Resistance to Damage: The smooth FRP/GRP surface inside and outside is very resistant to damage in normal use. Panels have high impact resistance and strength and can withstand impact from cargo and trees. The truck body will keep looking good for longer.
3) Easy to Repair: In the event of serious but small panel damage, repairs can be easily done to the fiberglass panels without disassembling the body. In the event of major panel damage, the special  body construction system makes it easy to remove and replace a complete panel quickly, thus keeping the truck on the road making money.
4) Corrosion Resistance: Due to the body panels being made of FRP/GRP and the body frame being aluminum, the body is highly resistant to corrosion from salt, humidity, heat, cold and environmental pollution. Pre-colored panels overcome the need to repaint for a long time, while the overall construction and design make washing and cleaning the body easy.
5) UV and Weather Resistance: The construction materials and the fact that all panels are one piece with no joins mean that the bodies are very waterproof while the glossy finish reflects heat in hot weather to protect cargo. Special FRP/GRP formulations have good UV resistance to prevent yellowing over time.
6) Easy Assembly: The body system allows body kits to be assembled quickly and easily with little training and no special tools, thus keeping body costs down

Manufacture truck bodies to meet customer order requirements with a wide range of panel types, using their own body structure system, using custom aluminum profiles to connect body panels at all corners/edges of the body. After years of development, the system has the advantages of beautiful appearance, strong damage resistance, easy maintenance, corrosion resistance, uv resistance, strong weather resistance and easy assembly

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  Add : Xigangbei road  NO. 85 , Gangchengchuangyejidi, Beibu Industrial Area, Haigang District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei.
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